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How To Move On A Budget

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Moving can be costly, not to mention time-consuming and laborious. When you are looking to move on a budget, there are some top tips you can follow to keep costs down and the move as efficient as possible. In this article, we share with you some of our top suggestions.

Ask Around for Packing Materials

One essential cost of moving is that of packing materials, usually cardboard boxes and tape. However, you may not have to buy these brand-new if you do a little asking around. Know someone who has moved recently? They may be happy to drop you some used boxes for free. Some stores such as supermarkets may also have cardboard boxes lying around that they are happy to give to you at no charge. When it comes to tape though, you will want to avoid buying the cheapest kind, especially if you are going to be packing heavy items!

Hold A Yard Sale

Another major aspect of moving is decluttering. After having sorted through what will not be going with you, what do you do with these items? One way to get rid of unwanted items and add some money to your moving fund will be to hold a yard sale. You may also wish to sell these items to second-hand shops or donate them if that is more practical.

Stay Organized

As the saying goes, time is money. Although these tips and tricks may not save you money directly, they do save you some precious time you could be spending on enjoying your new property! When packing, always try to be as organized as possible to save yourself much trouble later. One way you can do this is by color coding your boxes to correspond with different rooms. For instance, kitchen boxes can be green, bathroom boxes blue, living room boxes orange, and bedroom ones pink. This will make unpacking much easier and save you much headache and hassle.

Engage A Professional Moving Company

Let’s face it: moving is not easy. If you intend to do it by yourself, you will have to rent a truck, load all your furniture and belongings yourself, as well as drive it to your destination. This can be doable if your new home is within close proximity and/or you don’t have a lot of belongings. However, more often than not, this isn’t the case.

The simplest and most cost-efficient way of moving would be to engage a professional moving company who can take care of everything, saving you the time and hassle of roping in friends’ and family members’ help and coordinating everything on the big day.

Come to Optimum Moving for Residential, Commercial and Long Distance Moving

Whether you are looking to make the move to a new home or commercial property, Optimum Moving is your one-stop shop for reliable services you can trust. We keep up to date on the latest moving innovations and are familiar with moving fragile and valuable items. Please feel free to request a quote from us today.

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Eco-Friendly Ways To A Green Move

Eco-Friendly Ways To A Green MoveIf you’re like most people trying to lighten their footprint on the planet, you have a system for eco-friendly living. You have your stash of reusable grocery bags, you diligently recycle, you conserve energy and water, and the list goes on according to your level of green living.

When it comes to moving, you may be at a loss for how to reduce waste. Not many of us move very often so it’s not surprising. Even if you moved ten years ago, the eco-friendly options available to professional movers today is amazing.

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Negotiate The Lowest Moving Price

Negotiate The Lowest Moving PriceMoving is like anything else—the more you do it, the better you get. Why is that?

Simple—mistakes. Yes, mistakes are valuable learning experiences. However, when you’re packing up everything you own and making a long-distance move, learning isn’t a priority. You just want to safely and economically move all your possessions from Point A to Point B.

Optimum Moving is the best moving companies in NJ, and we earned that reputation by continuously improving our unmatched, white-glove service.

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Lead Your Employees Through A Stress-free Move

Lead Your Employees Through A Stress-free MoveGaining a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace means adapting—constantly changing to meet the disruptive evolution of business. For many organizations, keeping pace with change means moving offices.

Relocating a business is tough because there are a lot of moving parts and people. Plus, productivity must be sustained despite the enormous upheaval.

If you’re a member of your company’s relocation committee, this article offers concrete steps for enhancing communication, coordination, and managing the move objectives with department teams.

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How to Safely Move Firearms

How to Safely Move FirearmsFirearms are a hot-button topic surrounded by a lot of emotions. Many people choose not to talk about them if they don’t have to, which makes it difficult to find advice.

There’s no judgement here. Your political and social views are your own—you just need help solving a problem. You’re making a local or interstate move, and you need to safely take your firearms with you.

People own firearms for many reasons. There are the first-to-mind reasons such as self-defense, home protection, and hunting. People also own guns for sentimental or investment purposes, and they’re subject to the same laws as everyone else.

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How to Move With Pets

How to Move With PetsUprooting yourself and moving long distance, or locally, is an overwhelming and sometimes disorienting event. There’s so much to think about and keep track of, it’s important to make time to help your pets transition.

Most pets, like cats and dogs, are territorial by nature, which means they are instinctually connected to your house, yard, neighborhood, and everywhere else they roam. The connection to the actual house is strongest in indoor house cats, as you might imagine.

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How To Move Back Home

How To Move Back HomeMoving back in with your parents is never easy.

Maybe you’ve had a taste of living on your own at college, or you may have been on your own until your circumstances took an unfortunate turn. Whatever the reason, feel blessed that your folks are able (and willing) to let you crash with them, again.

In your mind, the perfect plan is to just throw everything in boxes and move it in a rented van. Even if that’s the way you moved out, you owe it to yourself to move back in wiser and more mature. Managing your move like an adult will also make you feel more in control of your situation, despite being back in your old room.

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Best Advice For Moving In A Snowstorm

Best Advice For Moving In A SnowstormMoving in the winter has many advantages.

Moving companies aren’t typically busy, which means you can pay less for professional movers. If your move takes place around a summer destination spot, like the Toms River area, you can avoid summer traffic. Plus, even moving companies for small moves will have extra movers on hand and schedule your exact pick-up and delivery times.

The one major winter moving drawback that you can’t control is the weather. A major snowstorm can completely derail a moving day.

But, even though no one can stop a snowstorm from coming, everyone moving in the winter can prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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How To Protect Yourself Against (Unexpected) Moving Disasters

How To Protect Yourself Against (Unexpected) Moving Disasters
You downsized your possessions, handled junk removal, researched the best moving companies, hired professional movers, and now you’re ready to move into your new home. It feels like all the stress of moving day is behind you, but then. . . .

Despite all the best preparation, misfortune is sometimes unavoidable. How do we know?

Optimum Moving is one of the best moving companies in NJ because our long-term growth strategy depends on attracting and retaining customers by delivering unmatched, white-glove service.

One way we engage our customers and potential customers is by sharing the secrets to a successful move our experienced local and long-distance movers use every day. We provide an extensive library of articles on avoiding moving company scams, packing fragile items, helping your children transition through a move, and much more.

The in-depth article you’re reading expands on one part of that checklist by providing

4 ways to protect yourself against the unexpected.

This article assumes you’ve done your homework before hiring a moving company. Most people who use our Residential Moving Checklist say it saved them a lot of money and reduced the stress of their local or long-distance move.

The best way to resolve conflict is to avoid it. The cheapest movers in NJ may seem like a good deal, but typically moving companies like that lure consumers in with prices they never intend to honor and quality services they’re not equipped to deliver.

  1. Get specific about pick-up and delivery. So you’ve chosen the best moving company in NJ, gotten your binding estimate in writing, and you’re ready to sign an order for service. It’s common for a moving company to give you a range of dates for delivery, and specific dates come with a premium. “As soon as possible” is not an acceptable delivery date, and always get pick-up and delivery estimates in writing.

Late deliveries are one of the most-frequent complaints about moving companies made to the Better Business Bureau.

  1. Splurge for the good insurance. Your choices of coverage are limited liability, added valuation, and full value. Limited liability is free to the consumer and covers 60 cents per pound interstate and 30 cents per pound in New York State. To be clear, that’s roughly $18 for a broken 50-inch TV going from Manhattan to Bergen County.

Added valuation replaces items minus depreciation, and full value replaces or repairs a damaged or broken item without adjusting for depreciation. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of price vs. risk, and read the fine print for deductibles and other conditions.

Money-saving tip: Check your homeowner’s insurance policy first to see what it covers so you don’t buy redundant coverage.

  1. Document, document, document. It’s worth saying a few times so no one forgets. Start early on in the process and take photographs of your possessions so you have proof of their condition for the insurance company and any future arbitration or litigation. When packing, label boxes clearly so you can be selective about what you want movers to handle. Keep all the paperwork from the moving company in a single folder—because all your agreements are in writing!
  2. Know your rights. Always try to settle a dispute directly with the moving company. If you remain at an impasse, don’t rush off to hire a lawyer.

Moving companies must have an arbitration program in place to handle disputes, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

A moving company must go into arbitration over all claims up to $10,000. Typically there is a fee for the hearing, which is split between you and the moving company. However, ultimately the arbitrator decides who should pay the costs.

A mover may refuse to go into arbitration for claims over $10,000, and then legal action is your only recourse.


Are you moving your business, too? Move without the stress by using this Business Relocation Checklist.


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Your Quick-Start Guide to Passaic County, NJ

Map Of Passaic County, NJMost people look for information on places to live from real estate agencies and websites, and both are authoritative sources for real estate values, transactions, and market insight. But, what do you do when you get there? There’s no better resource for navigating the practical details of moving day than commercial movers. The New Jersey movers who work for Optimum Moving have been all over the NJ Tri-State area and know the ins and outs of every neighborhood. This convenient moving-day guide offers real-world advice on the best places to know if you’re moving to Passaic County, New Jersey.

The convenient links instantly bring you to useful information on the highlighted subject, including phone numbers, addresses, location finders, menus, and more.

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