How Much to Tip Your NYC Movers in 2024? 

Moving within NYC has never been easy. The intense traffic, crowded buildings, and tricky neighborhoods drive many people to hire moving companies. Moving crews in NYC must work hard and efficiently, and it’s not an easy job. Understandably, many people struggle with how much to tip movers in NYC.

Most people tip movers in NYC 15-20% of the overall cost of the move. The difficulty of the move, such as narrow halls and stairwells, should factor into the tip. It’s also important to consider how much furniture you have, how long it takes, and how well the crew does with your belongings. For an excellent job, tip up to 25%.

how much to tip nyc movers

Wait until the crew is done to tip them so you can see the quality of their work. Follow along as we explore how much to tip movers in NYC so you can set aside cash for the big day.

How Much Do You Tip Movers in NYC?

Factors such as crew size, move difficulty, and how much furniture you have affect how much you tip movers in NYC. Let’s look at the main factors that determine how much cash you’ll want to set aside for movers.

1. Distance

Simple moves within NYC are relatively easy. That said, long-distance moves from NYC to another city or state can be quite challenging for the crew. Depending on the destination, the crew may have to spend several days away from home.

It’s important to consider this when you calculate the tip for a long-distance move. A tip between 15% and 25% is typically appropriate for long-distance moves. Keep in mind that long-distance moves are more expensive, so your tip will likely be high.

2. Moving Crew Efficiency

How good of a job the moving crew does will ultimately determine how much you tip them. That’s why you should tip the crew when they are done for the day. Everything from their efficiency and care to their attitudes should affect the tip.

For example, you can tip a hardworking and positive crew 20% or more. However, you may tip closer to 10%-15% if the crew damages items and is unfriendly.

3. Crew Size

The size of a moving crew has a lot to do with how well the move goes. Bigger crews can typically complete the job faster and more efficiently. This is often essential if you’re under a tight time frame and have lots of furniture to move.

Let’s say you plan to tip the crew 20% of the cost of the move. If the move costs $2,000, you would tip the crew $400 and split it up evenly amongst them. That said, you may want to inflate the tip if the crew is bigger since each person will get less than they would for a move with a small crew.

4. How Challenging the Move Is

It’s no secret that moving within NYC can be quite tricky. Narrow hallways, steep stairwells, and limited parking can make the job quite hard. This is especially true if you’re moving out of an old apartment building.

The moving crew may need to reserve the elevators for the move and take extra steps to protect the walls and floors. Your moving crew may also have to handle delicate items that are hard to handle and add to the difficulty. It’s important to consider the extra preparation and challenges when you calculate the tip.

For example, you may only tip 15% for a small, simple move that doesn’t entail scaling steep stairwells. However, it’s quite fair to tip 20% or more if the crew must navigate difficult terrain and haul heavy furniture under hard circumstances.

5. Size of the Haul

The size of the haul has a lot to do with how difficult it is. For example, it’s much harder to move from a 3-bedroom NYC home than a studio apartment. The bigger the home is, the more furniture there is. This also means that the crew must likely cover more ground.

In this case, it’s best to tip the moving crew closer to 20% or even higher for a particularly tough job and small crew.

Should You Tip Movers in Cash or Check?

While people typically tip movers in cash, checks are just as meaningful. That said, cash is often more convenient for the customer and the moving crew. Some people tip movers via a check to the moving company, and the moving company can handle it from there.

That is typically reserved for people who must keep track of the tip for tax purposes. Cash is the best way to make sure your tip gets evenly distributed amongst your NYC moving crew.

So, How Much Should You Tip Movers in NYC?

Tip movers in NYC up to 20% of the moving cost. Some people tip NYC movers up to 25% for outstanding work, especially if the job is tricky and involves fragile items. Consider the difficulty of the job, moving distance, crew size, and how well they do to calculate the tip.

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