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About the City of Tavistock in New Jersey

Situated in Camden County, Tavistock was incorporated as a borough in 1921 and covers a total area of 0.25 square miles. It borders Haddonfield, Lawnside, and Barrington and is the smallest municipality based on population size. This borough is well known for its weekend sporting activities, especially the golf games that are played every Sunday.

Tavistock – Housing Profile

In Tavistock, an average house can cost you around $236,944 and the houses often feature two to three bedrooms on average. Around 18% of the Tavistock residents are known to live in the same house for an average of five years. The property owners tend to stay in their houses or condos for an average period of seven years, whereas the renters (50% of the total population) live here for 23 years on average.

Tavistock ZIP Code: 08033

Tavistock Area Code: 856

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