Moving Insurance

Couple calling transport company to move in new houseWhether you’re planning to move your home or your office, it’s imperious to only work with a moving company that is licensed by the state. Optimum Moving is a relocation service accredited by the State Department of Transportation. The licensing also stands as proof that we carry insurance coverage.

By choosing us for your relocation, you have the guarantee that:

  • Your valuables and personal possessions will reach the desired destination safely
  • If an item were to be damaged during the moving process, the insurance can cover the costs of the repairs and/or replacement
  • Injuries and worker accidents are fully covered by insurance

Is the Moving Insurance Worth the Money?

From our experience, we know that most accidents happen when you least expect them and unfortunately… when you’re not covered for them. Considering that there’s a lot at stake when you relocate and the amount of money you typically spend for making the move, we highly advise our customers to purchase insurance coverage and have peace of mind.

Granted, the moving service is liable for the value of the goods they’re requested to relocate. However, there are different levels of liability here and the type you choose will ultimately determine the reimbursement you’re entitled to, in case an item is damaged or lost.

What are your options?

As a company that provides interstate relocation services, Optimum Moving offers customers the following liability options:

  • Release Value

Release Value is the liability option we offer at no additional cost, and that covers $1 per pound per item. For instance, if our team was to damage or lose a 10-pound TV set that is worth around $500, then we are obliged to offer you $10 in compensation.

Even though this option doesn’t come with additional fees, it will be necessary to sign a Bill of Landing, which is the receipt for the goods and the contract of transportation. Simply put, the Release Value ensures a reimbursement according to the weight of the shipment and not its market value.

  • Full Value Protection

As the name suggests, under this option; the moving company is liable for the full value of the goods lost or damaged during the shipment. While you will benefit from a more comprehensive coverage plan, keep in mind that this is not a free coverage option.

The cost of the coverage usually depends on the moving company’s limitation of liability. Nevertheless, in case of an accident, the mover is mandated to repair the items, replace them with a similar article or provide the customer with a cash settlement.

We Adhere to Transparent Moving Practices

Optimum Moving always provides our customers with the written details on various deductible levels of liability and ask them to study the details before they sign the contract. In addition, we always inform our customers about some of the actions that may limit our company’s liability.

By choosing our company for your relocation needs, you can be sure you’ll be doing business with a moving service that is committed to transparent relocation practices. Contact us today and find out more about coverage options and the other moving services we provide.

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