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When it comes to moving in New Jersey and the Tri-State area, Optimum Moving makes sure that you do not have to tackle all the moving headaches on your own. We specialize in both residential moving and commercial moving in Medford Lakes, and we can help you pack, lift, move, and secure all your belongings to make sure that they arrive at your destination safely.

About the Borough of Medford Lakesin New Jersey

Medford LakesLocated in Burlington County, Medford Lakes is a borough incorporated from portions of Medford Township in 1939. The borough has more than 20 lakes and several surrounding lake communities. Medford Lakes is surrounded entirely by Medford Township, and that’s why it’s one of the only doughnut towns in the state of New Jersey.

Medford Lakes– Housing Profile

Optimum Moving has served many families and businesses across New Jersey, including those in Medford Lakes. The average house in Medford Lakes costs about $282,264 and usually features at least three to four bedrooms. Residents are known to stay in this city for long time durations, with 67% of its 4,136 residents living in the same house for five years on average. Property owners live in their houses or condos for an average of 17 years here while renters choose tolive in for an average of five years.

Medford LakesZIP Code: 08055

Medford LakesArea Code: 609, 654, 714, and 953

Optimum Moving is the Medford Lakes, NJ Moving Expert You Can Trust

Besides our affordable moving services, we know the NJ local areas very well so you can be assured of a seamless move. At Optimum Moving, we make use of professional moving equipment such as containers for big scale moves and dollies to secure big-sized items and even when you need to move high-worth items, you can trust our proven track record to help you move your belongings without hassle. Our movers stay updated with the latest moving innovations and are trained to take care of your needs. Try us today and let us help you make a successful move in Medford Lakes!

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