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Whether you are moving to or from Edgewater, New Jersey, you probably have a lot of stuff coming with you. With the typical Edgewater house having 2 bedrooms and 7 rooms, relocating can be a hassle. Optimum Moving makes it easy, safe and convenient to move for all Edgewater residents and future residents! With our flat rate pricing guarantee, you can’t afford not to request a quote today.

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We’ve worked with families from all over New Jersey, including Edgewater. When people decide to live in Edgewater, they are in it for the long haul. This is a large but quiet community with lots of amenities. It’s no wonder that 41% of its 11,972 residents live in the same house for 5 years on average!

The average house in Edgewater costs $561,234, had 3-4 bedrooms and 7-8 rooms. Home owners live in their residence for 7 years and renters stay for an average of 4 years. Roughly half of the people moving into Edgewater come from other parts of New Jersey and would only need a short distance moving crew.

Edgewater zip codes: 07020

Edgewater area codes: 201

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