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Whether you are looking to make a residential move or a business relocation, you can count on Optimum Moving to make that happen. We are a full service moving company that caters to all types of relocation needs. When it comes to moving in or out of Allenhurst, NJ, we are one of the leading moving companies that you can trust.

About the Borough of Allenhurst in New Jersey

AllenhurstAllenhurst is located in Monmouth County and is a borough named after Abner Allen. As Allenhurst is bordered by Deal Lake and the Atlantic Ocean, it is within close proximity to the Big Apple, a major perk for those who live here. The borough is also home to an array of parks that are ideal place for relaxation.

Allenhurst – Housing Profile

In Allenhurst, the median price of houses is approximately $976,149. The houses feature more than five bedrooms each on average. About 61% of Allenhurst’s 493 residents are known to stay in this borough and in the same house for five years on average. Condo and house owners tend to stay in their properties for an average of 21 years while renters typically live here for no more than a year.

Allenhurst ZIP Code: 07711

Allenhurst Area Code: 732 and 848

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