Enhance Your Post-Move Experience With Our Unpacking Advice!

unpacking adviceSafely moving your belongings with the help of reliable movers in NJ is only one half of the moving process. The other half is unpacking your belongings once the move is completed. While this may seem like a trivial concept to some, unpacking quickly or haphazardly can result in damage to your valuables, particularly if they are fragile. Here are some tips for unpacking like a pro.

Always Unpack Kitchen Items First

The kitchen is the first room you want to focus on after your move. Unpack basic items such as silverware, cutlery and your microwave or coffee maker so you can use these items for preparing or eating meals. Just after a move you will often be tired and may not want to go out to eat, so by unpacking your kitchenware first you will have the necessary items on hand should you order food or prepare it yourself.

Unpack Bathroom Items Next

The next most important items to unpack after kitchen stuff are bathroom stuff. Before you do however you will want to check the different devices in the bathroom to make sure they are working properly. Just a few of the bathroom items you will want to unpack include towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, shower curtains and soap.

Unpacking Living Room Items

Unpacking for the living room requires a great deal of attention. You will need to decide where you want the furniture to be positioned, and this should be done before you unpack or move it into the room. One great way of doing this is to perform a sketch of the room and how items should be positioned before unpacking them. Decorative items or electronic equipment such as computers or television sets can be arranged slowly.

Unpacking Tips For The Bedroom

Your beds should be made first so you can rest comfortably after a long and stressful day of running around. This is essential and should be done ideally as soon as you move in. Unpack your sheets, blankets, mattresses and pillows and make sure everything is positioned and ready for you when it is time to sleep.

Once your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bed room items are unpacked first, then and only then should you concern yourself with other things. This would include fragile items such as lamps or mirrors, which should be unpacked slowly and delicately to ensure they are not damaged. The problem with unpacking these items first is that after a move, you will likely be tired, stressed and perhaps exasperated. Unpacking fragile items during this time can lead to mistakes that may cause it to break or sustain cosmetic damage.

In contrast, kitchen and bathroom items are often extremely durable and can withstand greater damage, and are easy and less costly to replace should the need arise (this clearly doesn’t include china and expensive tableware; these should always be unpacked with care). The best way to unpack your belonging is to plan the process in advance. Unpack the most important items on day one with everything else being unpacked on the following days.

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