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Archives : 2014

How much will my relocation cost?

While this is a common question among our customers, it has no single answer because the cost of moving depends on several factors, such as the weight of the items, the distance, the time frame required to organize and plan the move and ultimately, the manpower necessary for the relocation. Nevertheless, if you want to get a clue about how much your move costs, you will be glad to know that we’re offering free estimates.

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How far in advance should I contact Optimum Moving?

If you’ve decided to choose us for the move, then it’s advisable to contact us as early as possible. Regardless of how short your timeframe is, our team will work closely with you to organize and plan so that we meet your desired moving date. In case you already established the moving date, then contact us and we will immediately send a consultant to help you get started.

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How will the moving consultant help me?

Optimum Moving will send a moving consultant to your property as soon as possible, after you have contacted us. The consultant has the role of creating a list with all the items you want to transfer to the new location and calculate their weight, packaging requirements and the other possible charges associated with the move. To ensure that our consultant gives you an accurate estimate, you must make sure our employee sees what you intend to move.

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How long will the relocation process take?

The timeframe necessary to transfer your items to a new location depends on numerous factors. Our moving counselor can help you get an idea about the duration after he or she accounts for the following factors: the size of the shipment, the weather conditions, the distance the shipment needs to travel and the time of the year, as well as the time necessary to load and unload your belongings.

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How do I prepare for the moving day?

We make it our duty to ask all our customers to be present during the packing of the belongings. This way our clients can check and sign the inventory for their items without worrying. As far as the moving day is concerned, we usually solicit customers to transfer all package off the porch and the walkways, so our crew can move freely and get the job done faster.

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Are my possessions protected in case of loss or damage?

Take note that most home insurance premiums don’t provide coverage for the items while travelling. This is why our company provides two different types of coverage, namely the Full Replacement Value and the Basic Carrier Liability.

In case you have additional questions that are not covered in the aforementioned section or you require clarification regarding one or more of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at our toll free number 1- (855)-315-6683.

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