Full Packing


Are you looking for full packing services when it comes to your big relocation? If so, look no further than Optimum Moving as your one-stop shop. We are able to provide full service moving services for both residential and commercial relocations, whether your move is local or long-distance.

What are Full Packing Services?

As implied by its name, full packing services take care of everything involved in the moving process from start to finish. This includes packing your furniture and belongings, preparing them for loading and unloading, and getting them to your destination. Full packing services are ideal for households and businesses who don’t have much time or require assistance with the moving process. You can be assured that all your belongings will be packed and stored in the most appropriate manner and delivered to your new location without a hitch.

When do You need Full Packing Services?

If you are unsure whether full packing services would be best for you or if you can do it yourself, below are some signs that it’s time to entrust everything to the experts:

  • Do you need to move within a relatively short time, and you don’t have enough manpower to get everything together?
  • Does the thought of packing everything send you into a stress-induced panic, and you have no idea where to start?
  • Do you have fragile or valuable items that you are unsure how to pack and store in the most suitable way to prevent damage?
  • Would you like to take the hassle of moving off your shoulders and simply focus on settling into your new life?

Full packing services are suitable for households and businesses who wish to save both time and hassle, choosing instead to focus on setting up their new lives in a new location.

How our Full Packing Experts can Help

When you engage our full packing services at Optimum Moving, below are some things you can expect:

  • The necessary expertise and know-how with packing and storing valuable and fragile items
  • Protection for your belongings as well as surrounding fixtures in your current property while moving
  • Loading and unloading your belongings on the day of the big move
  • Safe and secure storage for your belongings if there is a period in between your moving-out and moving-in dates
  • Ensure protection for your items – you are legally protected under a contract when you engage our services. This means that in the unlikely event of your belongings sustaining damage, you will be compensated adequately
  • … and more!

Why Choose Optimum Moving?

If you require full packing services, look no further than Optimum Moving as your one-stop shop. We believe that no two households or businesses are the same, which is why we always take the time to sit down with you and understand your needs. We have the necessary packing materials and transportation tools for your furniture and belongings as well as experienced staff members who will see to it that everything goes smoothly.

To request a quote for our full packing services, please fill in this online form or give us a call at (855) 315-6683 today.

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