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We all love New Jersey, but the prospect of moving across the country is nothing short of exciting. Moving from NJ to LA is more than just a change of weather: it’s a lifestyle change. Why start that new part of your life after a stressful move?



We have a 100% price guarantee policy. This means that you ONLY pay what you’re quoted, not a penny more. 


Our team of professional movers are trained to handle any and all items, specifically your family heirlooms, fine art, and more.


We offer a white glove service. Optimum works with precision, care, and efficiency. Our white glove service means you don’t lift a finger. 


If we say we’ll be there at 9AM, we’ll be there on time. We know moving day is super hectic,  so we try to make it easier for you.

We Make Moving From NJ to LA Feel Effortless

The exciting prospect of moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles can be scary at times. It doesn’t need to be scary, however, and we work hard to remove any uncertainty.


At Optimum Moving, we use over 10 years of experience with long-distance moves to create the best plans and routes.


We have handled several NJ to LA moves, and our outstanding track record is a point of pride. Our careful shipping, prompt service, and variety of moving services make each move successful.


Call Optimum Moving at (855) 315-6683 and speak to our skilled team about moving from NJ to LA. 


Why Choose Optimum Moving for Your NJ to LA Move?

Our 4.9-star Google rating and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau show how great our track record is. We handle each move with the same level of care, preparation, and attention to detail. Long-distance moves are nearly as common as local moves, and we’d love to handle your NJ to LA move.


Our Skilled Team Cares

At Optimum Moving, we know that our merit relies on the strength of our team. That’s something that founders Justin and Elvis understood over 10 years ago when they started Optimum Moving. The office staff, consultants, and moving crew all work hard to guarantee your satisfaction.


That’s why we use the best equipment, trucks, and protective materials for each move. Our attitude of “no move is too big or too little” applies to every move we handle. We are always happy to see customer reviews that reference our hardworking crew.


Great Selection of Moving Services

We wouldn’t have such great customer reviews if we didn’t offer so many moving services. Whether it be Full Packing, moving insurance, or furniture disposal, each service is meant to remove stress. Our team will happily tack apart your furniture and put it back together at your new home in LA.


Are you worried about that huge flat-screen TV? Let us know during the consultation and we can dismount it, wrap it, and install it at your new home. We also have lots of experience handling big, valuable items like fine art with our White Glove Service.

Long-distance moving is a big commitment, so feel free to choose as many moving services as you need. Call the office or ask your designated consultant about the services we offer before your NJ to LA move.


Outstanding Customer Service

Planning, packing, and hauling your belongings is quite important, but so is your peace of mind. The only way to achieve that is to be there for you throughout the process. Customer service is just as important as transporting your belongings, and our team knows that.


That’s why we are always here to answer your questions and figure out how to provide the best experience. After all, moving isn’t about getting from point A to point B: it’s about starting your new chapter. We are here to make sure you start your new chapter on a positive note.

Planning Ahead Before You Move

Planning properly before you move out of your Jersey City apartment or home is crucial. Begin your moving preparations at least two months in advance. This head start gives you ample time to organize, pack, and address any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Create a Moving Checklist

A comprehensive checklist is your roadmap for the move. It should include tasks like hiring movers, transferring utilities, and updating your address. Ticking off these tasks as you go keeps you organized and on track.

Declutter and Organize

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Sort your items into categories: keep, donate, sell, and discard. This not only simplifies packing but also reduces moving costs. Schedule Utilities Set up the transfer of your utilities to your new home. Ensure services like electricity, water, and internet are operational by the time you move in.

Confirm Details with Us

A week before the move, confirm all arrangements with your Optimum Moving sales rep. Double-check dates, times, and any special instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly.  

What to Expect From Your NJ to LA Move

At Optimum Moving, we tailor each long-distance move to our customers’ needs. Your exciting NJ to LA move may seem overwhelming, but our trusted process can alleviate your worries.


No two moves are alike, but each move can be stress-free with the proven plan we’ve used for over 10 years.


Ironclad Planning

The huge commitment to moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles relies on a strong plan. Each of our consultants understands that, and that’s why they are so thorough with the consultation process.


We will send one of our consultants to your home to figure out what you need.

Everything from your home’s layout to how many staircases affect our plan. Most important, however, is what you expect out of your move.


The consultation process is your chance to choose which moving services will make your move perfect.

Your designated consultant will take inventory of your belongings to create a cost estimate for your move.


We will set a time window for your NJ to LA move and create the perfect plan.


That includes everything from arranging truck parking, figuring out routing, and putting together a moving crew.

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Moving Insurance

Coast-to-coast moves are nothing new for us, but we understand if you’re nervous. At Optimum Moving, we include complimentary Release Value Liability protection to ease your mind. This free plan covers $1 per pound of any item that gets damaged during the move.


Full Value Protection is our most popular insurance option, and it comes at a premium.

We will replace or reimburse you for any damaged item with this premium plan. Our team has a great track record, but we want to provide peace of mind while we transport your belongings.


Trustworthy Shipping

Getting your belongings from New Jersey to Los Angeles includes many miles. That’s why we offer two shipping options for your long-distance move: LTL and Guaranteed. Less than a truckload (LTL) is our most common shipping method for NJ to LA moves.


This cheaper option helps you stay on budget for your move. Guaranteed is our premium shipping option, and it lets you have a dedicated truck for your belongings.

We will load a truck with just your belongings, and that’s perfect for customers with a tight timeframe.


Not only that, but we are along for the ride with you, literally. We carefully pack, protect, and haul your belongings from New Jersey to Los Angeles with you, ensuring their safety along the way. Call Optimum Moving at (855) 315-6683 to ask about moving from NJ to LA and start the exciting process.

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