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It’s so easy to get overwhelmed while moving, especially when you don’t have help. Between the planning, organizing, and packing, there’s no time to tie up loose ends. At Optimum Moving, we believe that no move should be stressful, and that’s the biggest luxury we offer our customers.



We have a 100% price guarantee policy. This means that you ONLY pay what you’re quoted, not a penny more. 


Our team of professional movers are trained to handle any and all items, specifically your family heirlooms, fine art, and more.


We offer a white glove service. Optimum works with precision, care, and efficiency. Our white glove service means you don’t lift a finger. 


If we say we’ll be there at 9AM, we’ll be there on time. We know moving day is super hectic,  so we try to make it easier for you.

Let Us Plan Your Hudson County Move

Moving alone is expensive, stressful, and unpredictable. At Optimum Moving, we replace the stress of moving with a dependable plan that lets you tie up loose ends.


Everything from the protective materials, boxes, and dollies to the trucks we use is new and well-maintained.


Our skilled, experienced crew has handled every moving obstacle you can imagine, and our adaptability shows. More importantly, we focus on customer service and communication to ensure you get everything you want out of your move.


We have no shortage of experience as Hudson County movers, and we are always here to help our fellow New Jersey residents.


Call Optimum Moving at (855) 315-6683 to schedule a consultation for your Hudson County move. 



What Do We Offer?

We believe that each customer has different moving needs, and that’s why we offer so many services. Whether it be White Glove Service or moving insurance, we offer something for everyone. You can always ask one of our skilled consultants or office team members about our many moving services before the big day.


Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Taking apart furniture isn’t only tricky, but it takes time away from your other moving responsibilities. That’s why we offer a furniture assembly and disassembly service to save our customers some time and stress. Careful and experienced, our moving crew can take apart your furniture, pack it, and put it together at your new home.


Packing and Unpacking

It’s no secret that packing and unpacking takes lots of time and unnecessary stress. At Optimum Moving, we happily remove that stress with our Full Packing and Unpacking moving service. Our team can organize, pack, and protect your belongings before we load them into the truck.


We will then unpack your belongings when we get to your new home or business. Of course, we will unpack the boxes in the rooms where they belong based on your instructions. After all, our goal is to help you relax and enjoy your stress-free move with Optimum Moving.


Trash and Furniture Disposal

All of the boxes, bubble wrap, and other protective materials that come along with moving can create a mess. We know it can be overwhelming with the other moving responsibilities you have, and that’s why we leave no traces of trash behind. Our moving crew can also take your old furniture off your hands with our furniture disposal service.


Look at your furniture and think about whether it’s all worth taking to your new home. Now might be the best time to get rid of that old couch or kitchen table. If so, simply call our office and our team will happily get rid of it for you.


Careful Transportation

Getting your belongings from point A to point B is the most important part of any move. We don’t take that lightly, and that’s why we take every precaution to protect your items. That starts with how carefully we organize and load your belongings on the truck.


We use new, clean, and efficient ratchet straps and dollies to make sure the furniture and boxes don’t budge on the truck. Once everything is secure, one of our experienced, careful drivers will transport your belongings to your new home.

Planning Ahead Before You Move

Planning properly before you move out of your Jersey City apartment or home is crucial. Begin your moving preparations at least two months in advance. This head start gives you ample time to organize, pack, and address any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Create a Moving Checklist

A comprehensive checklist is your roadmap for the move. It should include tasks like hiring movers, transferring utilities, and updating your address. Ticking off these tasks as you go keeps you organized and on track.

Declutter and Organize

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Sort your items into categories: keep, donate, sell, and discard. This not only simplifies packing but also reduces moving costs. Schedule Utilities Set up the transfer of your utilities to your new home. Ensure services like electricity, water, and internet are operational by the time you move in.

Confirm Details with Us

A week before the move, confirm all arrangements with your Optimum Moving sales rep. Double-check dates, times, and any special instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly.  

Our Moving Process is Tried and True

A successful move is impossible without thought, care, and planning. At Optimum Moving, we believe that every great move starts with a consultation that leaves nothing to the imagination. Once you call us, we will send a thorough consultant to your home or business.


One of our consultants will determine which moving services you want or need, and they will take inventory of your belongings.


Ask as many questions as you want during the process. After all, we want your move to be everything you hoped for. The consultant will provide an estimate at the end of the consultation, and we will figure out the perfect time window for your move.


From there, we will arrange transportation, truck parking, and a skilled moving crew for your move. Our team will head to your home, lay out protective materials, pack, and loud your belongings.


We will then secure them onto the truck, head to your new home, and unload everything. This smooth, well-planned process ensures that you can focus on the little things in life while we handle the heavy lifting.  

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Our careful planning process and attention to detail let you approach your upcoming move with a clear head.

Knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced, our moving crew has handled moves all over New Jersey.


We handle countless local and long-distance Hudson County moves, and we take each move seriously.

Everyone from our office staff and consultants to the moving crew prioritizes one thing: your satisfaction.


Call Optimum Moving at (855) 315-6683 and talk to our team to plan your Hudson County move.

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