Top 5 Fragile Items You Should Protect While Moving

Depositphotos_14553583_mTop 5 Fragile Items You Should Protect While Moving

In spite of your best efforts, a few overlooked safety tips, careless packing and overconfidence are sometimes all it takes to transform a stress-free move into a genuine fiasco. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of relocating is learning how to avoid damage to your belongings. While some of your possession are made of sturdy materials and can take a beating, others are fragile and prone to breaking. Then again, simply because some items are brittle and frail, it doesn’t mean that they should end up broken during the relocation. Following are 5 tips on how to avoid these issues.

  1. Glassware and Chinaware

Your glassware and Chinaware are considered the most easily broken items during a move. Therefore, if you want yours to survive the transportation, you have to make sure they are properly packed and that they have plenty of protection. First off, you will have to acquire a suitable box for the task, meaning one that that is relatively small and that doesn’t exceed 8 pounds. Incorporate each piece individually in bubble wrap and add plenty of padding before placing them in the box. Don’t forget to test the boxes for movement and add extra padding if they’re jostling around.

  • Oddly shaped furniture

In most cases, damage to furniture occurs because you prefer to move bulky, heavy and oddly shaped piece by yourself. To avoid damaging your furniture, you should first attempt to cut down its weight by removing all items stored inside; if possible, don’t hesitate to disassemble it. Secure the pieces with bubble wrap or blankets and use a dolly or a moving pad to facilitate the furniture’s transportation around the house. The safest approach would be to let a team of professional movers pack and transport the furbishing.

  1. Sporting equipment

While sporting equipment in general can withstand some damage on the field, it’s no match for a rough relocation. These items are not as fragile as glassware, but poor packaging leaves them unprotected and hence, bound to damage during transportation. If you still have their original packaging, then that’s the safest way to transport your sporting equipment, particularly when the pieces are marked as sensitive. Otherwise, your best bet would be to rely on the expertise of the movers.

  1. Electronic equipment

Your new plasma TV, computer and other delicate electronic devices are likely to break if they’re not properly secured and you accidentally drop or improperly load them in the truck. Similar to the sporting equipment, it would be ideal to pack them in their original cases. If this is not an option, then wrap them in moving blankets, add padding, secure with tape and add a ‘fragile’ sign on the box.

  1. Art

In case you have a lot of art, then it is highly advisable to work with a relocation company that offers specialized art transportation services. By choosing this service, you will be certain that the delicate art is properly stored within specialized containers and with the right materials, such as slat crates or travelling frames, for instance. Moreover, a company that offers this option will also put a supervisor in charge of overseeing the packing, transportation and unloading processes.


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