How To Survive An Office Relocation

office relocation tipsHaving to go through an office relocation is no joke. Many people who have gone through office relocation will tell you that it’s one of the most stressful experiences in their lives, regardless whether you are the employer or the employee. There are tons of things to pack, local or state or federal matters to handle, customers and partners to update, and many other miscellaneous tasks to tackle. Here’s a simple guide to help you survive an office relocation without losing your sanity:

Planning is Key and Do It in Advance

When you plan well for your office relocation, this is half the battle won. For starters, you need to organize all the office items (whether it’s work-related or non work-related) so that you can pack them properly by categories. This will also allow you to retrieve and unpack the items at the new office location easily without losing items that you need.

You also need to think about employee involvement, if you are an employer. Assign someone to be in charge of the electronics, someone taking care of the documents, someone to handle the furniture, and so on. When you split up the tasks this way, it’s easier to get everything into their rightful places at the new office. Also, always start planning well in advance because last minute planning will just make the moving process even more stressful.

Draw Up a Budget

During an office relocation, you will need moving supplies, and you will need to possibly pay for moving services and many other expenses. You need to draw up a budget and be on top of it so that you do not overspend on your moving budget. It’s also important to get estimates for any services or products you need for the moving process. For example, if you are not using moving services for certain items, then you still need to figure out the transport fees if you need to use specialized vehicles to shift these items.

Get the Help of a Moving Company

When it comes to a big office, it’s impossible to think that you can rely on your own employees to move everything smoothly. You will probably see your employees complaining of back pains and some of them might even go on medical leave after the move, hindering your business operations at the new office. Always rely on moving services for office relocation, so that the professional movers can help to move most of the items in the office, and all your employees need to do is to pack their own items into boxes where the moving company can help to shift.

Moving Broadcasts

Honestly, once you use the help of a moving company, most of your moving stresses are reduced. But even so, another important thing that you should settle is to get your moving broadcasts out to your customers and suppliers. Notifying all your stakeholders is an important part to completing the relocation process so that you can truly say that you have survived an office relocation like a winner!

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