Simple Tricks For Packing Your Jewelry During A Relocation

Open jewelry box.In case you’re moving into a new apartment or house, then you’ve probably made plans about how to pack and transport your clothes and furniture. However, sometimes your most precious assets may be the smallest one. Jewelry is the perfect example in this case. Irrespective of whether it’s a precious family heirloom passed on from generation to generation or an expensive gift you received from your spouse or a dear friend for your birthday, one thing is certain: you want to make sure they are properly packed and transported safely to your new home.

Can’t the moving service take care of this?

Ideally, you should discuss the packing and storage options available with the moving counselor provided by the relocation company. Take note that most relocation services will not agree to transport your valuable jewelry and advise clients to pack these items separately, and keep them by their side at all times, particularly during the moving day.

If your moving service doesn’t agree to transport your precious possessions, don’t fret; you can still ensure your jewels get there safe and sound. Following are some tips and tricks on how to guarantee your valuable jewelry arrives at the destination in one piece.

Packing tips for rings

Due to their sizes and shape, rings are easy to misplace. To prevent losing your beautiful rings, one solution is to pack them in a hard sunglasses case. Since you don’t want them bumping into each other during transportation, it is highly advisable to drape the rings in wrapping paper before you place them in the case.

Packing tips for earrings

In case you own an impressive collection of earrings and particularly small pairs, then there’s a high chance they tangle together or worse, you lose one or both of them, if not packed properly. To avoid damaging or losing your earrings, one idea is to pack them in pill organizers. Arrange each pair in a separate slot and wrap the pill organizer with plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap. Afterwards, they are safe to place in your jewelry box or alternatively, in a Ziploc bag.

Packing tips for necklaces

Because the chains can easily get tangled with other jewelry and some of the delicate pieces can get damaged, necklaces are by far the most challenging pieces to pack and prepare for the move. A simple way to avoid all the inconveniences is to place them in Ziploc bags and sealable jewelry boxes. To prevent them from tangling, enfold each piece in wrapping paper and tie them together with rubber bands before placing them in their designated box.

Unpacking time

In general, it’s advisable to handle the jewelry after you arrived at your new home and managed all the unpacking and furniture arrangements. In case you find some pieces are chained in knots despite your best packing efforts, try to untangle them carefully using a pin. If this DIY method fails or you accidentally damage a piece, then remember that you can take them to a skilled jeweler for repairs.

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