Are You Relocating Into A Waterfront Property?

waterfront property movingHave you acquired a mansion by the lake or a houseboat? If you are planning to move into your new property soon, there are certain things you have to consider first. Moving is considered a daunting task by many and every move is challenging and different depending on location and distance. When it comes to waterfront property relocation, ensure that you hire movers who are well equipped to transport your items safely. If you need to use a boat to get to your new property, make sure that you invest in waterproof packing materials to keep your stuff dry. Let us look at different moving scenarios and how you are supposed to prepare yourself for these moves.

Moving To A Floating Home

How do you prepare for the move into your waterfront property?

  • Research: Do a thorough research about the location of the house and the architectural design of the house. Find out the weight of the structure and how much weight it can handle. If you have too much stuff, this information will help you pack items that you really need that can be safely supported by the floating home.
  • Preparations: Once you confirm the date of the move, you should start packing as soon as possible. Give yourself ample time to ensure you pack everything carefully. Invest in plastic bags to wrap delicate items that can easily be soaked before placing them in waterproof boxes. Look for a reputable moving company experienced in residential moving to help with the move. Make sure that you give detailed information about your destination to the moving company so that they can equip themselves with the right equipment.
  • Moving: When moving items, ensure that everything is carefully packed and wrapped. When you get to the dock, make sure that items are offloaded and taken right into the house. You should not offload everything and leave it at the dock first. This will create a weight shift which will make the weight distribution uneven leading to tilting.

Moving To A Mansion Only Accessible By Boat

If you plan to move to a mansion that is only accessible by boat, your moving budget will have to increase. You have to pay extra to hire moving boats which are large enough to handle your cargo. You need to visit the area you are about to move and find out from the locals where you can get boat rentals big enough to move your cargo. It is advisable to hire a barge to move your items across a lake since the moving truck can drive right into it making offloading fast and easy. Connect your local moving company with the boat hire company so that they can plan details about how to ferry your cargo safely across the lake.


When packing for a move, ensure that you label your boxes well to help the movers identify which items are fragile and need to be handled with care. Keep a record of all the boxes so that you can easily tell if you are missing any items after the move.

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