Quick Tips For Packing And Moving Large Appliances Around The House

Depositphotos_9405755_mMore often than not, moving oversized kitchen appliances is a fairly delicate and difficult task. Even though, at first glance, your fridge and dishwasher seem sturdy and resilient, keep in mind that the inner mechanisms and electronic components are fragile and sensitive. Well, ensuring a safe transit for large household appliances during your relocation boils down to knowing how to pack and how to move them to the truck safely. Let’s elaborate.

Packing tips for large appliances

As a rule of thumb, before you start packing your fridge, oven or dishwasher, first you need to make sure the appliances are emptied of their contents. Afterwards, you should proceed to cleaning and removing all moving parts that can be detached. As far as the drawers, doors and other parts that can’t be taken down are concerned, they should be enfolded in wrapping paper and secured with packing tape.

While packing them seems pretty easyat this point, the process is in fact tremendously time consuming. Therefore, start packing the appliances ahead of time because you won’t be able to do this properly while you’re in a hurry. In case you don’t have the time to pack your appliances properly and want to make sure they will get to the destination in undamaged, then don’t hesitate to call on the help of your relocation company.

Moving tips for large appliances

Because kitchen appliances are heavy and cumbersome, you definitely need a dolly to move them around, as otherwise you might end up in the emergency room with a back injury. Again, when you think that moving large electronics from the house onto the truck is too difficult, you can ask your relocation company for this service. In case you prefer the DIY approach, then here are some basic instructions:

  • Moving the oven

To avoid any unpleasant surprises with the oven once you plug it in at your new home, remember to read the user’s manual. In general, the process entails securing the doors with plastic wraps and then fastening them with plastic tape. However, you should be careful when selecting the plastic tape, as some brands can leave unsightly marks on the surface where they’re used.

  • Moving the fridge

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when moving a fridge around is to always carry it upright. The problems arise with older models that present a higher risk for the oil in the compressors to leak into the cooling lines, although this can also happen to new models. If possible, remove the door as it takes some of the device’s weight off.

  • Moving the dishwasher

In addition to cleaning it after you emptied the contents, it is best to cleanse the dishwasher again with detergent and hot water before packing it. After it’s dry, use plastic wrap and pack it.

Food for thought

Even though most homeowners might feel tempted to move large appliances by themselves in order to save some cash, it’s advisable not to underestimate the difficulty of the job at hand. Think of it this way: is it worth risking your health, and jeopardizing the integrity and safety of your home just to save a few dollars?

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