Protecting Your Floors During A Move

Empty living spaceBecause moving is incredibly stressful, it is best to keep a checklist featuring all the details of your relocation. In addition to proper packing and other aspects associated with the move, you will also have to account for the little things. This is essentially why you should plan your relocation with the help of the coordinator provided by moving service.

Don’t forget about your floors

Safeguarding your floors is one of those often overlooked aspects of relocation. Given the amount of traffic your flooring will see during packaging and the moving day, including carrying large items, chances are your floors will sustain some damage. While damaging your carpets or hardwood floors may seem inevitable, the truth is that there are some things you can do to shield your flooring from heavy traffic and possible damage due to dragging or dropping things on its surface. Let’s elaborate.

5 ways to make the move easier for your floors

In case you’re working with a professional service, then the movers will surely take some actions to prevent damage to your property without you having to ask. However, since there are no standard procedures across the industry, you’d be better off protecting the flooring yourself. First off, you should remember to place a welcome mat outside the front door, as it will prevent small pebbles and debris from being dragged onto the hallway floor. Here are some other things you can do to protect your floors:

  1. Ask the movers to use shoe covers

While it may seem like common sense for certain companies, let’s not forget that no two moving services are the same. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask the movers to wear shoe covers in case they aren’t already.

  1. Use sliders to move heavy pieces of furniture

Furniture sliders don’t only create a protective barrier between the flooring and the furbishing, but they also prevent accidental damage due to dropping. In addition, they make items like chair legs, tables or desks easier to transport outside the house.

  1. Place a plastic film over the carpets

In case you have carpeting installed, then you can protect it by placing a special carpet film over it on the moving day. Granted, if you’re on a tight budget then you could use towels, pieces of cloth, blankets or even old carpeting. However, the self-adhesive plastic film’s properties – no tear and non-slip surface – make it a superior choice every time.

  1. Lay area rugs in highly traffic areas

Since you spent a small fortune to install solid hardwood flooring, it’s only natural that you would want to protect your investment. This is why you should purchase several area rugs and place them over the hardwood floors, particularly in high traffic areas like the doorstep of every room.

  1. Set plywood on the floor when moving large appliances

If you have to remove really heave furniture, then lay plywood as a temporary solution to protect your floors. This is especially important for when you’re moving appliances that have sharp edges, such as a fridge.

Let the movers take over the cleaning too

After all the boxes and containers have been loaded into the truck, you could further protect your flooring by cleaning them. While you can choose to perform the cleaning yourself, opting for the moving company’s cleaning service is usually faster and more efficient.

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