iPhone Moving Apps That You Will Find Useful

iPhone moving appsJust a few years back, moving was associated with stress due to the strenuous process involved. However, in this new age, technology has made our lives easier.  We all agree that the creation of iPhones especially has made our day to day activities a little bit easier. There are tons of apps available for iPhones including moving apps which makes the process easier than before.

Think of an app that is able to help you organize your move and provide you with important moving tips to help you de-clutter your things and most important of all, the app is absolutely free. Can it get better than that?! There are a number of apps available in the iPhone store but most of these are not worth your time. We have highlighted a list of moving apps that you can download for free to help make your moving process easier. These include:

My Things

Usually before moving, you have to find a reputable moving company to get a quote on how much the move will cost. Moving companies require you to give the inventory of stuff to be carried to determine the cost. This great app allows you to compile an inventory of everything you plan to move room by room. Instead of a sales representative coming over for an on-site survey, all you have to do is share your inventory directly with the moving company which makes it easier for both parties. It also allows you to conveniently get different quotations from different moving companies and in turn you are able to pick a company offering affordable pricing.

Moving Day

This is a super app that helps you inventory your boxes and creates labels on the moving day. These labels have QR codes which you can quickly scan upon arrival to ensure that you are not missing anything upon arrival.

Moving Day Lite

This app is created to help you enjoy the packing process. Once in a while when taking occasional breaks from packing, you can use this app to help you relax. It is a fun game where you have to help a mover on skateboards collect items and safely race them to a moving truck. The fun part is where you have to help the little man avoid traffic cones and trash bins so that he does not crash. The more items you collect in record time the more points you earn. It is a great way to motivate your kids to help in the packing process.


If you don’t plan carrying all your stuff to your new location, then you have to sort things out and dispose what you don’t want. This is particularly important if you are planning a long distance move. You not only reduce the amount of stuff you have to carry but also cut down on your moving costs. The Yardsale app helps you to put things you don’t want on sale. All you have to do is take pictures of the items, add a little description and put your price. The listing pops up to nearby people using the same app and in no time you start getting calls.

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