How To Move During The Fall Season

autumn moveYou are probably wondering why some people choose an autumn move instead of a summer move. Well, for one, summer is usually a peak period and everyone wants to move during this time. Some moving companies take advantage of the demand and charge high costs during this time. The second reason is that summer time is very hot and usually makes moving a very tedious task. The fall is usually the right time because the weather is not too challenging and you are able to avoid the snow during the winter. Moving companies tend to charge less during this time and so you need to take advantage of that. Read along to find out how you can safely move during the fall season.

Take time to pack before fall comes

As everyone else is enjoying their summer holidays by being outdoors, you can take advantage of this time to sort through your property and separate items you don’t need. You can later donate them to friends. Ask friends and family to help you pack your stuff and ensure you place them in well-labeled boxes to make your unpacking process easy. Since you will be moving nearer to winter, make sure you keep aside warm clothing and essentials that you need during the move.

Plan ahead for your autumn move

Talk to your realtor to make sure that everything is well functioning by the time you arrive in your new home. You need to ensure that the heating system in the house is working well. You don’t want to get to your new home only to find that it is cold or that you don’t have running water. If your moving destination is not very far, take some time to go and check out your property and take care of any repair work needed during fall.

Choose the right moving company

You need to compare moving prices from different companies before settling on the best prices available. You should keep in mind that getting the cheapest price does not mean you are guaranteed quality moving experience. Make sure to check reviews about the moving company or ask your friends to recommend a good moving company. Plan a moving date and notify the moving company. Start to negotiate for moving costs during summer and keep in mind that movers change prices according to supply and demand. There is less demand for moving services in the fall so you are guaranteed fair prices.

Be ready for the moving date

It is wise to plan a move date at the middle of the month when there is less traffic. End month is usually very hectic time and you need to avoid being caught up in the traffic snarl up. Make sure you dress appropriately to keep yourself warm during the move and dress light enough to allow you to move freely. Ensure that all boxes are well labeled and properly sealed before loading them in the moving truck. Leave early in the day to give yourself enough time to get to your destination on time. If you are moving with your family, make arrangements to make stops along the way to refresh.

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