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Need to move to a new home within New Jersey and the Tri-State area? Optimum Moving is the moving specialist that ensures you never have to encounter all the moving headaches on your own. Our specializations cover both residential moving and commercial moving in Warren County. Not only do we transport your belongings but we also provide packing and unpacking services.

About Warren County in New Jersey

Warren County is one of the most populous counties that is located in the state of New Jersey. With a total area of more than 362 square miles, Warren County consists of several townships, including Oxford, Mansfield, Knowlton, and more. The county is not only known for its wineries, but is also known as a home to many educational institutions as well as national protected areas like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Middle Delaware National Scenic River.

Warren County – Housing Profile

Optimum Moving has served a wide range of businesses and families across New Jersey, including those that are staying in Warren County. The average house in Warren County costs approximately $255,400 and usually features at least three to four bedrooms each. Residents are known to stay in this city for long time durations, with more than 60% of its 107,653 residents living in the same house for five years on average.

Warren County ZIP Code: 07820, 07825, 07823, 08865, 07840, and more.

Warren County Area Code: 908

Optimum Moving is the Warren County, NJ Moving Expert You Can Trust

Besides our cost effective moving solutions, Optimum Moving knows the NJ local areas very well so you can be assured of a hassle-free move. At Optimum Moving, we fully utilize professional moving equipment such as dollies to secure large size items and high-worth items as well as containers for big scale moves. Our proven track record is our promise that we can help you move your belongings without hassle. Our team of professional movers stay updated with the latest moving innovations and are trained to take care of your relocation needs. For a successful move in or out of Warren County, contact us today!

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