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When it comes to moving in New Jersey, Optimum Moving is the moving expert you can trust to eliminate all the potential headaches that are associated with moving. In Secaucus, we specialize in both residential moving and commercial moving and that’s why we help you pack, lift, move and keep all your belongings and valuables intact throughout the move.

About the Town of Secaucus in New Jersey

SecaucusLocated in Hudson County, Secaucus is a town and considered as a suburban community that lies outside of Manhattan. With a total area of nearly 7 square miles, Secaucus is not only one of the best places to live in New Jersey but home to a great array of major businesses and a distribution center.

Secaucus – Housing Profile

Optimum Moving has served many residential and commercial clients across New Jersey, including those in Secaucus. The average house in Secaucus costs about $379,028 and usually features at least 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom. Residents are known to stay in this city for considerably long time durations, with 64% of its 18,311 residents living in the same house for five years on average. Property owners live in their houses or condos for an average of 13 years here while renters choose to live in for an average of two years.

Secaucus ZIP Code: 07094

Secaucus Area Code: 201 and 551

Optimum Moving is the Secaucus, NJ Moving Expert You Can Trust

At Optimum Moving, we know the NJ local areas very well and are always up to date with the latest moving innovations. That’s why you can be assured of a seamless move when you opt for our affordable moving services. Our professional moving crew is well trained and knows how to operate all types of moving equipment, from dollies to other lift equipment. Whether you need to move high-worth items or big-sized items, you can rest assured that these belonging will be moved without hassle. Try Optimum Moving’s moving services today and let us help you make a successful move in or out of Secaucus!

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