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About the Borough of Milltown in New Jersey

MilltownMilltown is a borough located in Middlesex County. The borough was incorporated from portions of North Brunswick Township in 1889. Milltown has a favorable geographic position where it borders East Brunswick Township to the east and North Brunswick Township to the west. Recent research has shown that Milltown is home to nearly 2,600 households.

Milltown – Housing Profile

In Milltown, the average house costs approximately $333,286, and these properties usually feature three and four bedrooms. Research has shown that Milltown residents stay in this city for relatively long durations. Nearly 80% of its 6,996 residents live in the same house for an average of five years. Renters have shown a liking to live in their rental homes for five years on average. Property owners with houses or condos live in the same home for an average of 19 years.

Milltown ZIP Code: 08850

Milltown Area Code: 732 and 848.

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