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About the City of Margate in New JerseyMargate City

Situated in Atlantic County, Margate City has a total area of more than 1.6 square miles. Margate City has a population of over 6,000 and is actually a popular summer destination. A significant number of homes located here are used as second homes during the summer. Apart from having two active business districts, this city also has a great reputation for a wide variety of lively nightlife. Lucy the Elephant, a fine example of zoomorphic architecture, is located in Margate City as well. This is an attraction that has attracted thousands of visitors every year.

Margate City – Housing Profile

In Margate City, the average house or condo costs about $444,843. Close to 63% of the city’s residents chose to live in the same house for five years on average. A majority of the residents also opted for houses that come with three bedrooms. 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom homes are also the more popular options. Residents who own at least one property has stayed in the same house for an average of two decades while individuals who rent properties have been reported to live in the same place for four years.

Margate City ZIP Code: 08402

Margate City Area Code: 609

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