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Looking to move in or out of Mantoloking? Optimum Moving will ensure that you have a zero-stress moving experience. Whether you are planning for a residential or commercial move, Optimum Moving will see to it that your property is safely relocated. We also offer specialized services like packing and lifting to see to it that your move is as smooth as possible.

About the City of Mantoloking in New Jersey

MantolokingMantoloking City is a borough in the Ocean County, NJ which is also known as the “land of beautiful sunsets”.  The city has a total area of 0.643 square mile and has a population of 261 according to the census carried out in 2013. This 20 mile Peninsula is a home to the exclusive high end communities which was ranked by Forbes magazine in 2012 as the 15th highest income place in United States. This city is the best choice for those looking for an array of shingle-style beach houses.

Mantoloking – Housing Profile

For years, Optimum Moving has offered moving services to many businesses and families across Mantoloking. Most houses feature at least four bedrooms and they have an estimated median value of $257,700. 71% of residents in Mantoloking have lived in the same house for five years with home owners living on average of 17 years. There is a small percentage of renters with some living in the same house for an average of 20 years.

Mantoloking ZIP Code: 08738

Mantoloking Area Code: 732

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At Optimum Moving, we are a full service moving company able to accommodate all relocation needs. We have been in business for years helping residents in New Jersey and tri state area including Mantoloking, relocate without too much stress. We have a team of trained and skilled staff who take care of packing, lifting and moving items of all sizes using specialized equipment to ensure your properties’ safety. Contact us today to help you make a successful move in Mantoloking!

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