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Optimum Moving makes moving in the Tri-State area easy by eliminating all the headaches associated with moving. We are a full service moving company and can cater to a wide variety of relocation needs in Longport. We also provide full packing and unpacking services, so that you can enjoy a hands-free moving process from start to finish.

About the City of Longport in New JerseyLongport

Longport is situated in Atlantic County, and is a stone’s throw from the high-end nightlife scene of Atlantic City. Homes found in Longport include cozy beach bungalows and lavish family homes. The city enjoys a varied community and the fact that Little Egg Harbor is situated just on Longport’s western border, makes the city a perfect location that offers beach activities such as surfing, kayaking and more.

Longport – Housing Profile

The average house or condo in Longport costs about $591,896 and many residents opted for homes with at least three bedrooms. Statistics show that more than 60% of Longport residents choose to live in the same house for at least five years. Both house and condo owners live in their respective properties for an average of nearly two decades while renters have shown a pattern of living in their rented properties for an average of five years. Whether you are moving as a family or business, Optimum Moving has the privilege of serving both our residential and commercial clients for many years.

Longport ZIP Code: 8403

Longport Area Code: 487, 822 and 823

Optimum Moving is the Longport, NJ Moving Expert You Can Trust

At Optimum Moving, we are able to provide quality moving services all types of moves, including small moves, commercial, long distance and residential. We own professional moving equipment as well as being up to date with the latest moving innovations. From using top quality containers to dollies, you can be sure that your precious belongings are transported safely.

Apart from being well-equipped for the job, we are also accredited by the State Department of Transportation. We provide an unmatched level of flexibility to meet our clients’ moving needs. Try Optimum Moving services today and allow us to make your move a smooth and successful one in Longport.

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