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Whether you are a homeowner or renter, moving does not always have to entail an arduous process. At Optimum Moving, we take all the hassles out of moving. We specialize in both residential moving and commercial moving in Lake Mohawk, NJ guarantee that your belongings will arrive at your destination intact and in a punctual manner.

About the Unincorporated Residential Development of Lake Mohawk in New Jersey

Lake MohawkLake Mohawk is a residential development located in Sussex County. It is home to the largest artificial body of water in the New Jersey state and has an Alpine Pool that cascades down from a spring in a graceful manner, adding to Lake Mohawk’s uniqueness. Residents of Lake Mohawk enjoy the lake-style charm here as many homes offer expansive views of the private Lake Mohawk.

Lake Mohawk – Housing Profile

Lake Mohawk is one of the many unincorporated residential developments that Optimum Moving serves in NJ. Our customers include both families and businesses. The median cost of the houses in Lake Mohawk is about $340,546, and statistics show that many families opt for houses with three bedrooms. Nearly 62% of Lake Mohawk residents lived in the same house for five years on average. Residents who bought their properties live in their houses for 12 years on average, while renters live in their rented properties for an average of six years.

Lake Mohawk ZIP Code: 07871

Lake Mohawk Area Code: 862 and 973

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At Optimum Moving, we are a leading provider in quality moving services. We understand that every client has unique requirements and we are well equipped to meet a wide variety of moving needs and requirements. From having expert relocation knowledge to using innovative moving equipment, we are all about making the moving experience a positive one. Need to move bulky furniture or precious family heirlooms? We have got you covered. Try Optimum Moving today and take advantage of our exceptional moving services in Lake Mohawk!

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