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About the Borough of Elmer in New Jersey

ElmerLocated in Salem County, NJ, Elmer is a borough named after Lucius Elmer. Also recognized as a dry town, Elmer is home to the annual Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival. The borough was incorporated from portions of Upper Pittsgrove Township, and Pittsgrove Township in 1893. The borough has a total area of nearly 0.9 square miles.

Elmer – Housing Profile

In Elmer, the median price of the houses in this city is about $184,317 and a majority of the properties here have at least three bedrooms. Recent research has shown that 68% of Elmer’s 1,369 residents stay in the same house for five years on average. Renters show a pattern of staying in the same residence for up to two years on average, while property owners living in condos and houses live in the same place for an average period of 17 years.

Elmer ZIP Code: 08318

Elmer Area Code: 856

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