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There’s no more need to worry about how you’re going to get your items from the old house to the new. Optimum Movers are enthusiastic to assist you in moving to your luxury Alpine, NJ home. Optimum Movers will meet you at your origin and help you with transporting your possessions at a fast pace and a reasonable price. All you need to do is look forward to this new and thrilling chapter in your life.

The Alpine Moving Experts
We’ve worked with families from all over New Jersey, including Alpine. When people decide to live in Alpine, they are in it for the long haul. This is a large but quiet community with lots of amenities. It’s no wonder that 74% of its 1,933 residents live in the same house for 5 years on average!

The average house in Alpine costs $986,528, had 3-4 bedrooms and 7-8 rooms. Home owners live in their residence for 18 years and renters stay for an average of 4 years. Roughly half of the people moving into Alpine come from other parts of New Jersey and would only need a short distance moving crew.

Alpine zip codes: 07620

Alpine area codes: 201

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