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About Salem County in New Jersey

Situated in New Jersey, Salem County is a county where its western boundary is formed by the Delaware River. With a total area of more than 372 square miles, Salem County adjoins areas such as New Castle County, Kent County, and more. In addition, the county is home to Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, a nationally protected area.

Salem County – Housing Profile

In Salem County, New Jersey, the average house costs more than $184,000 and usually features at least three or four bedrooms. Surveys also show that residents residing in Salem County stay for long time durations, with more than 67% of its 65,774 residents chose to live in the same house for five years on average.

Salem County ZIP Code: 08079

Salem County Area Code: 856

Optimum Moving is the Salem County, NJ Moving Expert You Can Trust

At Optimum Moving, we work arduously to ensure all our clients’ moving experiences are pleasant and enjoyable. Our team of professional movers are trained to handle all types of moving tasks, including long distance moves. With access to the latest moving equipment, there is no moving job that is too small or big for us to handle. What’s more, we are constantly up to date with the latest moving innovations and trends, and we put them to good use so that you can enjoy a hassle-free move in Salem County every time!

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