How To Pack Fragile Items When Moving

cardboard signsGranted, having professionals pack your fragile items is preferable and easier, at least from the liability aspect’s point of view. Having your movers pack those easy-to-break items is ideal. However, you might think that it is easy to pack them yourself so here’s what you should know about packing fragile and delicate items by yourself.

Prepare for packaging your fragile items

Securely packing porcelain, crystal or other breakable or fragile items requires paying extra attention. Therefore, make sure to start packing such items well in advance of the established moving day. In case you haven’t packed fragile items before, then here is a quick guide on how to do this with the most common items:

  • Glasses – To prevent damage to your glasses collections, you should pack them individually and use paper to fill in the leftover space. To make sure the box doesn’t fall off during transportation, place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box;
  • Plates – To protect plates from damage, drape each one in bubble wrap and place them vertically in small or medium sized boxes. To prevent them from smashing into each other, place crumpled paper on the top and the bottom;
  • Framed pictures – To avoid damage to the frame or the glass, wrap each framed picture in packing paper and place them in lined small or medium boxes. For enhanced security, add crumpled paper in between each picture;
  • Lamps – To shield lamps from damage, you need to dismantle them first. The shades should be packaged separately, while the base can be placed in a larger box.

Cushioning is your best friend

If you have to pack delicate items by yourself, then the number one rule to remember is to use plenty of cushioning. Take note that cushioning in this case refers to packaging materials that protect easily breakable items from potential bumps in the road, shocks and vibrations.

While you might be tempted to use clothing, blankets or even fluffy bathroom towels, these affordable improvisations will not keep your fragile items safe during the trip. To secure flimsy items like glassware you require bubble wrap and newsprint. In case your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase as much bubble wrap as you need, then use a generous amount of tissue paper.

The right type of box

Even if you use the right packaging materials and take all the necessary precautions, your fragile items will not be completely safe for the trip unless you place them in the right type of box. It is preferable to purchase boxes labeled as dish packs, as they are made of thick cardboard and provide extra protection against punctures. Moreover, the boxes are sturdy enough to efficiently absorb shocks due to sudden movement.

When storing the fragile items, it is advisable to pack them as snugly as you can in the specialty boxes. This way, you reduce the risk of them banging against each other during the transportation. If there is any space left after you’re done packing, fill in the empty space with newsprint paper. Furthermore, to prevent damage, line the bottom of the boxes holding the items.

Too much work? Leave it to the movers!

By now, you should realize that packing fragile items is no mean feat and if you do not have the time to spend on packing for the big move, it is always a wise move to trust your movers with the packing.


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