Is It A Good Idea To Move During Winter?

moving during winterMoving during winter seems like such an odd idea that most people would not find even remotely interesting. The natural instinct is to move during summer when it’s all sunny and warm. What you probably would not know, is that it is actually cheaper to move during winter. Everyone envisions a move on a beautiful sunny day, and that translates to summer being the period when everyone scrambles to make a move. Winter may be cold and snowy, but moving then has its benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a winter move as opposed to a summer or spring move.

Keeping Within Your Budget

We all like to work within budgets and everyone loves to save some money! Winter is generally a slow month for movers, and it is therefore the best time to plan your move as you will definitely be assured of a big discount. It is very likely to get a discount of 15% or more on the total cost, which is definitely a saving, and not likely to happen during the peak summer season. Winter is known in the moving industry to be an off peak season.

Moving companies lower their rates significantly as there are fewer people moving, thus the demand for their services is at an all-time low. Summer is sunny and really hot and it demands lots of drinks, especially for the movers, primarily to prevent dehydration, and also calls for lots of sunscreen. These are added expenses you certainly do not want to incur, especially if you are moving on a tight budget. The moving company will give you a binding estimate of the total cost, meaning they put it in writing, and of course the cost goes up or down depending on the season.

Easier For The Moving Company To Fit Into Your Schedule

January and February are usually easy months for moving companies and it is easier for them to fit and work around your schedule. No matter how busy you are, the moving company is able to find a time that is convenient for you as they are not as busy as they are during the peak summer months. Moving in the middle of the month is also another great way to save on cost. Many people tend to move towards end month or the beginning of the month. The trick is to go against the traffic and move mid-month when no one is moving, and business is slow.

The Weather Factor

Imagine moving when the sun is beating relentlessly down on you- not a very nice thought. Summer conjures up thoughts of sunny beaches, cold fizzy drinks and ice cream. Working in hot weather tends to make people cranky and irritable and working in the heat is a potential health hazard. You are also prone to sunburns which can be pretty painful! If you are moving from, or to a hot place, summer is clearly not the best time. Plan to move during winter when it is cooler and less stressful for all involved.

Consider The Holiday Season Traffic

The best time to move would be in January when the holidays are over, owing to better traffic. During the holidays, there is bound to be more traffic. During major holidays, people tend to travel more. The icy weather means traffic tends to move at a snail’s pace, and you may find yourself stuck in traffic for hours. Schedule your move to be after, or if possible, before the holiday season and save yourself a major headache.

At some point in life, everyone needs to move, and for different reasons .Sometimes you may be forced to move suddenly, but if you can schedule your move, it needs to be around winter time in order to save up on costs. It may seem a strange time to move, but it certainly has lots of benefits!

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