How Commercial Movers Protect Your Facility Assets During Moving

commercial movers protecting belongingsCommercial movers perform an extremely important task, ensuring that your valuables get from one place to another intact and without damage. The best services come with an experienced moving team,  and will be secure and quick. Here’s how commercial movers will protect your assets:

How We Prevent Damage To Your Floor

Many commercial facilities spend thousands of dollars on their flooring, and the last thing they want is for it to be damaged during a move. Since commercial moving often involves the handling of merchandise which is heavy, it is important to hire someone who can move it while protecting loading docks and walkways.

We achieve this by using protective floor boards made from Masonite. These specialized boards are thin and durable and can be sectioned together to create a path for dollies and other tools. Carpet flooring in particular is very susceptible to damage during moves. This is why we utilize a plastic shield covering to produce a walkway that can safely allow our dollies and staff to move back and forth without damaging the carpet.

How We Prevent Damage To Your Merchandise

Our team is trained to carefully shrink wrap your most important merchandise and combine it with cloth padding and card board to ensure that it doesn’t sustain any scratches or damage during transport. Doing this is one of the most fundamental tasks of any full service moving firm, and is something we take seriously.

How We Prevent Damage To Your Walls

To avoid damaging walls during moves we employ a professional team that pays attention to details. They will move objects in and out of offices without making physical contact with adjoining walls. This ensures that no damage is sustained to the facility in any way. Our staff prefers using cardboard which is corrugated to avoid damage to doorjambs or walls.

Why Rolling Gondolas Are Our Favorite Tool

The most important piece of equipment that our movers carry with them is the rolling gondola. This is because we recognize the importance of protecting your technology and equipment, and the gondola is perfectly suited to this task. We will carefully pad your machines and then place them in these gondolas or within our sizeable commercial bins. We will also use shrink wrap to further reduce the chances of mishandling or damage.

Commercial moves are often high intensity projects which will require assistance before, during and after the actual movement phase. In addition to all the physical and logistical aspects of the move, it will also be necessary to provide an accurate and total estimate of the costs, time needed for movement and transport, as well as the business downtime.

When working with a professional mover, you will be given regular access to the vehicle for customer support, which will allow us to address any concerns you might have. While many consider commercial moves to be a stressful process, it doesn’t have to be, especially when you work with a professional team that is detail oriented, experienced, and above all else, dependable.

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