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How Optimum Moving Will Protect Your Belongings During A Move

how we help during movingMoving is often stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Optimum Moving was established to make it easier for our customers to safely and securely transport their possessions from one place to another at affordable rates. Our goal is to take the stress out of the moving process, so you can focus on the things that matter. Below is just a few of the benefits you will gain by choosing us as your moving company:

We Use Specialized Equipment to Move Your Belongings

To ensure the safety and security of your possessions we utilize a variety of tools designed for the task. One example of this is large rubber bands which are employed when transporting furniture. These bands are designed to wrap around items which fold or close, and will keep them from opening unexpectedly during transport, which could lead to injuries or damage to nearby items.

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Helpful Tips For Moving During The Summer

tips for summer moveSummer is a popular time to move or relocate due to pleasant weather, clear roads and the free time which comes as a result of the vacations or school breaks. However, there are a number of things you should be mindful of when moving during the summer and the following tips will make the relocation process a whole lot easier.

Maintain Your Energy Levels

Drinking lots of water is extremely important during the summer months, especially if you live in a desert or tropical climate. Dehydration will be a persistent threat and those who become preoccupied with their summer move may forget to drink enough. In addition to drinking water, other things that will maintain your energy levels include fruit or sandwiches. Sports drinks can also be okay when consumed in moderation as the sugar will give you bursts of energy.

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Is It Wise To Get A NJ Moving Company To Pack & Shift Your Belongings?

new jersey moving company moversMost people understand the benefits which can be gained from hiring an NJ moving company, but find it hard to do so because they don’t want to spend the money and feel as though they can save a lot by doing it themselves. While this logic is perfectly understandable, there are circumstances where hiring a professional is a must, even if it results in higher expenses.

A Professional NJ Mover Lets You Enjoy Peace of Mind

There are a number of potential hazards which can result from trying to move everything yourself. Think of the number of people who have suffered back injuries because they tried lifting a heavy object improperly, or those who have injured their knees. How much do you think a trip to the chiropractor will cost? Then of course there is the risk of damaging the items you’re trying to move. Do you really want to risk scratching that antique piano, or cracking that priceless vase or glass sculpture? Professional movers are trained to secure and move fragile items, without damaging the items or themselves.

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How To Cope With Moving Into A Smaller House

moving into smaller houseA growing number of people are moving into a smaller house, and there are many benefits to doing so. Some of these include less cleaning, easier maintenance, and greater security, since you are more likely to detect an intruder in a smaller house as opposed to a larger one. However, there are challenges that come with moving into a smaller home, and knowing how to cope with them is the key to success.

Move and Position Your Largest Items First

When deciding what to move first into your new home, it is best to begin with the largest items. The reason for this is because these objects will be the most difficult to move around, and you don’t want to have to maneuver around smaller objects as you’re putting them into place. Additionally, after moving the heavier objects you should have enough energy left over to move the small stuff.

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How To Correctly Estimate The Budget Required When Moving House

relocation budgetBudgeting for moving is a great way to avoid spending more than you should or running out of money halfway through the process. Naturally, certain expenditures are evident, even if this is the first time you are relocating your possessions to a new rental or owned home. On the other hand, a handful of hidden and apparently insignificant costs are not.

When they pile up, you might be forced to max out your credit card just to cover them, and that means starting off your new life with a damaged credit score and a large burden of debt. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve compiled a list of aspects to be mindful before and during the move.

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Do’s And Don’ts For Out Of State Relocation

tips for out of state relocationsOut of state relocation can be stressful for first timers, particularly because they don’t exactly know what to expect. If you’ve found a professional company with worthwhile credentials, positive reviews and extensive service options, then it’s a good idea to go the extra mile and hire their consultant to help you through every step of the process. In addition, we have compiled a quick list of do’s and don’ts for better understanding the frequent mistakes that have the potential to affect the outcome of the relocation. Let’s begin!

Do: Find out whether they are movers or intermediaries

Your service provider is legally required to inform you whether they will handle the moving themselves or outsource the labor to a third party. It is in your best interest to determine what company is tasked with actually transporting your belongings, because otherwise the broker could deny responsibility in the event when something goes wrong. Don’t forget to research both the mover and the intermediary, before hiring them.

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4 Ways To Make Your Transition To The College Campus Seamless

Moving outmoving tips for college students to college is an emotionally challenging experience for most, and in an attempt to cling on to the old way of life, we try to bring as much of our home to campus. The lack of experience regarding life on campus grounds also leaves students confused about the belongings they should transport with them, and ‘just to be on the safe side’ they often pack a lot more stuff than they actually require.

Let’s remember that a dorm room provides considerably smaller space than your house or apartment. At the same time, shipping costs increase based on the dimensions and weight of your belongings, and you will end up overpaying for the transportation of things that aren’t exactly useful. To help you avoid this, we have compiled a student’s guide to packing for college.

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Simple Tricks For Packing Your Jewelry During A Relocation

Open jewelry box.In case you’re moving into a new apartment or house, then you’ve probably made plans about how to pack and transport your clothes and furniture. However, sometimes your most precious assets may be the smallest one. Jewelry is the perfect example in this case. Irrespective of whether it’s a precious family heirloom passed on from generation to generation or an expensive gift you received from your spouse or a dear friend for your birthday, one thing is certain: you want to make sure they are properly packed and transported safely to your new home.

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Top 5 Fragile Items You Should Protect While Moving

Depositphotos_14553583_mTop 5 Fragile Items You Should Protect While Moving

In spite of your best efforts, a few overlooked safety tips, careless packing and overconfidence are sometimes all it takes to transform a stress-free move into a genuine fiasco. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of relocating is learning how to avoid damage to your belongings. While some of your possession are made of sturdy materials and can take a beating, others are fragile and prone to breaking. Then again, simply because some items are brittle and frail, it doesn’t mean that they should end up broken during the relocation. Following are 5 tips on how to avoid these issues.

  1. Glassware and Chinaware

Your glassware and Chinaware are considered the most easily broken items during a move. Therefore, if you want yours to survive the transportation, you have to make sure they are properly packed and that they have plenty of protection. First off, you will have to acquire a suitable box for the task, meaning one that that is relatively small and that doesn’t exceed 8 pounds. Incorporate each piece individually in bubble wrap and add plenty of padding before placing them in the box. Don’t forget to test the boxes for movement and add extra padding if they’re jostling around.

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Quick Tips For Packing And Moving Large Appliances Around The House

Depositphotos_9405755_mMore often than not, moving oversized kitchen appliances is a fairly delicate and difficult task. Even though, at first glance, your fridge and dishwasher seem sturdy and resilient, keep in mind that the inner mechanisms and electronic components are fragile and sensitive. Well, ensuring a safe transit for large household appliances during your relocation boils down to knowing how to pack and how to move them to the truck safely. Let’s elaborate.

Packing tips for large appliances

As a rule of thumb, before you start packing your fridge, oven or dishwasher, first you need to make sure the appliances are emptied of their contents. Afterwards, you should proceed to cleaning and removing all moving parts that can be detached. As far as the drawers, doors and other parts that can’t be taken down are concerned, they should be enfolded in wrapping paper and secured with packing tape.

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