Attending Top Colleges And Universities In New Jersey

colleges and universities in New JerseyIt’s back to school time! There are many things New Jersey is known for, and one of these is the quality of the learning institutions in the region. In fact, this is a major reason why a large number of young families decide to move to New Jersey. The top-notch universities attract students from many parts of the world, which has led to the universities (and New Jersey in general) becoming a cultural melting pot. It’s attractive for potential freshmen to choose to study in colleges and universities in New Jersey as the diversity is combined with academic excellence. Some of the universities in the area that are guaranteed to offer an all-round education include:

Princeton University

Princeton University is an Ivy League University that focuses on not only high academic standards, but also a rich extra-curricular life. Students who enroll in Princeton University are usually guaranteed excellent opportunities after graduation, as well as an enriching campus life. With several grant and scholarship programs on offer, it is also possible for needy but deserving students to get the same quality education. If you are moving to New Jersey, enrolling to Princeton University is probably one of the best decisions you are ever going to make as a freshman.

The College of New Jersey

Located in Ewing, the College of New Jersey has a warm feeling about it. Though populated mainly by students from around New Jersey, even students from out of state will feel comfortable once they enroll. The college is one of the best in the state, and offers excellent academic and extra-curricular activities as well. The college community is close-knit, which promotes a sense of belonging to all who enroll.

Rutgers University

Rutgers University is located in New Brunswick. It is the number one choice of University for many potential freshmen on account of its broad academic programs, as well as excellent extra-curricular activities as well. Most juniors and freshmen at the University have great ratings for the institution, which means that any potential student is likely to also have the same feelings towards it.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Located in Hoboken New Jersey, Stevens Institute of Technology is a technical school that provides technical training in various fields. It is known for its rigorous academics, making it the ideal tertiary learning institution for individuals who want to become the best at most technical fields.

Stockton University

Stockton University isn’t in the middle of any town or city; it’s tucked away in a relatively remote location in Galloway. This makes the University community feel more tight-knight. It’s easy to settle into the pace of life in Stockton, making it popular for many people looking for a university to enroll in.

Drew University

Drew University has the reputation of having very good relations between faculty and the student body. This has made it an excellent institution of learning. This is also combined with the presence of a wide variety of tutoring options available for each student.

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