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Archives : 2014

Keeping Your Residential Move Green

green residential moveThere are thousands of residential moves made every year and this has its merits and demerits. Unfortunately, when most of us think of moving, we only focus on the task ahead and forget to consider what the whole process does to the environment. Ever thought that moving can actually add to your carbon footprint? Moving requires packing materials and boxes. A move will use an average of 60 boxes which is equivalent to a pine tree weighing half a ton.

Let us also not forget that fuel is used to transport your property which means more carbon emission. The good news is that there are ways you can keep your move green.  Start by discussing with your moving company on ways to keep the move green. We have highlighted a few tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint while moving.

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iPhone Moving Apps That You Will Find Useful

iPhone moving appsJust a few years back, moving was associated with stress due to the strenuous process involved. However, in this new age, technology has made our lives easier.  We all agree that the creation of iPhones especially has made our day to day activities a little bit easier. There are tons of apps available for iPhones including moving apps which makes the process easier than before.

Think of an app that is able to help you organize your move and provide you with important moving tips to help you de-clutter your things and most important of all, the app is absolutely free. Can it get better than that?! There are a number of apps available in the iPhone store but most of these are not worth your time. We have highlighted a list of moving apps that you can download for free to help make your moving process easier. These include:

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