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Archives : 2014

How To Survive An Office Relocation

office relocation tipsHaving to go through an office relocation is no joke. Many people who have gone through office relocation will tell you that it’s one of the most stressful experiences in their lives, regardless whether you are the employer or the employee. There are tons of things to pack, local or state or federal matters to handle, customers and partners to update, and many other miscellaneous tasks to tackle. Here’s a simple guide to help you survive an office relocation without losing your sanity:

Planning is Key and Do It in Advance

When you plan well for your office relocation, this is half the battle won. For starters, you need to organize all the office items (whether it’s work-related or non work-related) so that you can pack them properly by categories. This will also allow you to retrieve and unpack the items at the new office location easily without losing items that you need.

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Professional Moving vs. DIY Moving

professional moving vs. diy movingTruth be told, when it comes to the titular consideration, it’s the main tug of war that everyone who needs to move house or office will think about. On one hand, you want the convenience and all-in-one service that professional movers can provide while on the other hand, you want to save money and think about if you can handle the moving task on your own. It’s safe to say that both type of moving has their own best situations for applications and to understand which type of moving to go for, it’s good to compare them in greater detail to help you make the best decision.

Time and Convenience

Of course, using professional movers offers absolute convenience. You can concentrate on other important tasks which are usually warranted during moving such as settling your bank accounts, utility bills, and other tasks. If you are doing DIY moving, you have much more to plan for because besides all the non-moving tasks you have to handle, you also need to physically pack belongings and shift them yourself.

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