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Archives : 2014

Moving House The Eco-Friendly Way

moving eco-friendly wayMillions of people are moving house each year, which requires a significant amount of time, resources, energy and money. The process is tedious for many, and when done in the traditional manner it produces a considerable amount of waste. Some this waste includes plastic, cardboard boxes and other packing material. Below are some ways to relocate in a manner that is friendly towards the environment.

Reuse Packing Boxes

Moving boxes are commonly used when relocating, and many people throw them away after a single use. A better solution for these boxes is to either take them to a recycling center or purchase wood and plastic crates which don’t wear out easily and can be reused many times. Another even better option is to rent moving boxes when relocating.

Many people also use bubble wrap for packing material, but this is bad for the environment since it regrades slowly and creates pollution. A better, more eco-friendly and cost effective solution is to use old towels and newspapers.

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Do You Need To Move House On A Budget?

moving on a budgetRelocating can be expensive, especially for those who have lots of stuff or who have lived in the same home for many years. Many people don’t even like moving due to the stress and hassle, and the last thing they want to do is spend more money than necessary. Below are some guidelines that will help you to move house on a budget.

Create A Moving Budget

Before you begin your move you will first need to develop a budget. It is important for this budget to be realistic as you will want to stick to it. Things to factor into your moving budget include the cost of travel from your current residence to your new home (the farther away your new home is the more expensive your travel costs will be). You’ll also need to consider the cost for a moving company should you decide to hire one.

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